The Originals: 16 years of artwork at Stardust Video & Coffee

Opening Reception – Saturday, June 6th @ 7pm-11:30pm.

For 16 years Stardust Video & Coffee has provided Orlando with a multitude of odd performances, joyful acts, slews of musical numbers, wacked out zaniness and, of course, art shows.

For 16 years we have hosted some of the best, oddest, coolest, weirdest, exhibits while VSH turned to DVD to BLUERAY and then to DIGITAL.

Yep, our gallery is 16 years old, which also makes it the longest running gallery in Orlando. Some of Orlando’s best artists had their very first shows at Stardust and some are just beginning to start out.

To celebrate we are bringing back many of the original artists, and some of the newer kids, to commemorate 16 years of art shows at the Dust.

Art from featured artists, Anna McCambridge, Terry Hummel, Katherine Bennett, Kim Darovec, Brigan Gresh, Andrew White, Doug Rhodehamel and many more will be on display for your viewing enjoy enjoyment!

We also realized it’s been a decade and a half and the gallery never got a name. On June 6th you’ll get to know what it is! See you there okay?

Oh, and since this is a big occasion… there will be cheese.

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