the now – what’s going on

here’s a look at some stuff coming up. oh stuff… so much stuff. everyone love stuff. some of it is ongoing, some of it will never come back. click on an icon and have a look.

calendar of events
here is what is going on this month… if your thing isn’t up there, email greg and yell at him.

works by danielle darden & gregory leibowitz
saturday, feb 12th – 7:3-pm

audubon park community market
every monday night from 6pm to 10pm. local food, art, people and music abounds!

The Video Dept.
swingin and swayin with records playin. we’ll be hosting it on the last Friday of every month. Hope to see you on Feb 25th!

stuff and junk
pretty much what it says. some stuff… some junk… misc stardust crap.

brought to you by emily, doug & greg… every sunday startin’ round 7pm

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