stuff and junk

our very own wonder of the world
feb 1. 2011

every other night, since it’s discovery in late june of 2010, at exactly 12:27am, the parking lot of stardust video & coffee is witness to one of the most spectacular events on this planet earth! gushing from our 7-11 neighbors next door, a geyser erupts for approximately 20 breathtaking minutes, spewing thousands of gallons of water into our lot, cleansing it of all the dust and whatnot that gathers throughout the day. many have fallen to their knees and wept like infants at what has been called throughout the world, “the 8th wonder of the world.” one local commented, “it’s way better than like, all the pyramids stacked on top of each other or something.” we couldn’t agree more! spouting an estimated 3000 gallons of water every other night is quite impressive. it’s amazing there is so much free water to waste!

click here to see this phenomenon in action!

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