Meet Your New Co-Admin

After locking Doug in one of the freezers at Stardust with a Siberian tiger and breaking his will by telling him he will never drink another screwdriver again, he has graciously agreed to having a little help with the Stardust website.

You may notice that this site will be going through some changes in the next few weeks as I try and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Apologies in advance for the dust.

Expect some changes and some things being rearranged. If you have bookmarks marked or if you have links on your own blog linked to content on this site, you may want to check up on them in a few days or so. Things won’t be deleted (at least not intentionally), but they may be moved to a new home elsewhere on the site.

Should you have any questions about the blog, you can still direct them to

Meanwhile, I’ll be tapping away trying to make the site all spiff.

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