Last Monday, the sky turned from its usual blue into a grim black in just a few moments. I kept asking who flipped the switch until I realized I was sitting alone in the alcove. While I had vacated the parking lot and pulled out most of the market materials, vendors had no intention to stay outside. That is with the exception of Jason Moseley who claimed it would not rain (and that a man should not fear such an occurrence). I had the same belief, for the wind pushed the clouds away rather quickly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clouds nor rain that Stardust had to worry about.

In the middle of the parking lot, a piece of Rhode kill fell from the sky. It’s thump on the asphalt caught Doug’s attention as he tucked the trash in the dumpster and whispered a bedtime story. He turned his head toward the fluffy bladders and saw a school of hungry sharks scan the streets not unlike vultures. He then shoved everyone inside Stardust with psychokinesis. The populace complained, hopping up and down like sardines on fire (if sardines had legs to hop upon). He stationed me at the door nearest Shag’d and crouched into his Clawing Hawk position.

I eyed up at the flurry of fins rapidly approaching us. Doug double-handedly scratched out the corneas of any who got near. I tried to mimic his movements, but he had only trained me so much. After I had almost given up with sharks piled to my esophagus, I remembered the wise words of Parappa the Rapper; I kicked and punched– it was all in the mind. The few remaining sharks scurried off toward the north star, and Doug brought the corpses to the kitchen. So many fish tacos were made that night.

Later, an alligator somehow made its way inside the door. Instead of snapping at customers, it climbed on the wooden stages by the bathroom and danced to the funky beats a DJ spun. This lasted for all of ten minutes before it walked away as though it had never been there. Everyone was speechless and rendered immobile; nobody remembered where trash cans were located and instead left theirs on the floor. I reactivated my janitorial talent spec and picked it up before biking home.

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