At The Video Dept., 25 February ’11

This past Friday saw the second instalment of The Video Dept. DJ night/dance party, where trackmasters Sleepy Hippie (our very own snackmaster, Josh) and Xuan threw down an array of tunes  that got attendees’ feet hoppin’ and asses shakin’.

Those who were at Stardust on Friday night were treated to a motley mix of sounds, with selections from Yoko Ono, Delta 5, Janet Jackson, Tamaryn, Whitney Houston, Future Islands, Toro y Moi, Minks, Steely Dan, Madonna and an array of other sounds ranging from 80s MTV hits, booty-shakin’ crunkness, post-punk, no-wave, dark wave, chill-wave and other waves.

If you missed out on February’s segment of The Video Dept., turn out on the final Friday of next month for dancing, drinking and hobnobbing. March 25th will be the next night, 10 pm until 2 am. It’s a free event, so if you like music, why wouldn’t you show? Be sure to follow this site as well as Stardust’s Facebook Page and Twitter to keep up with other events at the Dust. Also keep up with the event’s mixologists/coordinators Sleepy Hippie (on Twitter) and Xuan (website).

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