A post was meant to be written a few weeks ago, but the startling events that occurred on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, have left me voiceless. Until now, that is. Unfortunately, I had the desires to have something strange happen on that day. Not being one for luck in love (or, perhaps anything particular in life besides sadness and spitting out a witty word every now and then), I had wondered what would happen as it coincided with a market. Otherwise, I would have known that I probably would not get out of bed.

Getting a text message while still asleep, I answered yes to going to work early in the morning with the mayor of Audubon Park. She used the excuse of me helping her to spend the entire day with me (on V-day no less). I can’t say I would have said no under any state of mind. Perhaps, that is a character flaw. Of this, I am uncertain.

Nothing had happened by the time the market started up. I was beginning to doubt that my wishes would occur. I bought a beer for my friend, and we sat and ate dinner when I saw Brian Feldman wandering around. I wondered what he was up to, as he had recently sat in a claw machine for a good chunk of a day near one of Stardust’s entrances. I didn’t get a chance to see what he was up to, so after my friend left to go home I walked into one of the rooms and saw someone on stage.

He had a girl on stage, Britt Daley, singing into people’s mouths. I had no intention of partaking in such an act; as I don’t really like people getting close to me, especially people I don’t know. Of course, seeing nobody on stage made me feel as though I could help them. So, I climbed up just to hear that I had to pay ten dollars to feel awkward. Being as poor as I am, I had no money on me, and a viking in the audience, Mike Lothrop, sponsored me.

To be honest, I tried to make it as uncomfortable for both of us as I could. She wrapped her arms around me, and I kept my mouth open as she sang into it. It wasn’t much of a kiss, fortunately, though I did notice that it seemed to be a reverse Little Mermaid voice-stealer. Thus, I haven’t had much to say nor was I able to write until the effects wore off two weeks later. If interested in seeing such a sight: Click here.

The experience has scarred me, and I’m uncertain when my voice will be back in full force. If ever.

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