Stardust Video & Coffee Mentioned in the New York Times

And it didn’t involve anyone getting maimed or killed!

I know, right?

From the excellent  article 36 Hours in Orlando, Fla by Shaila Dewan, highlighting Orlando features that are often avoided by those with their noses stuck in the tourist traps:


You never know what will turn up on the improvised brunch menu — a slip of notebook paper with a ballpoint scrawl — at Stardust Video and Coffee (1842 East Winter Park Road, 407-623-3393;, a hub for Orlando’s artistic class. Zucchini pancakes, maybe, or vegan sweet potato hash with eggs and (real) bacon ($9.50). The Web site advertises “bathroom yoga” and “parking lot bingo,” but you’re more likely to find art installations, an old-fashioned photo booth and a slew of obscure videos and DVDs for rent on the shelves at the far end of this sunny, airy space. There is a full bar for the performances, screenings and lectures that unfold here in the later hours.

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