Call for your Stardust photobooth pics

Howdy there.

If you didn’t already know, Stardust has a photobooth on its premesis, which is often frequented by the variety of folk that come in and get their coffees, teas, kombuchas and booze in our little place.

For the month of April, we’d like to showcase some of these photograph strips on this site. If you’d like to have your Stardust photobooth photo up for show, please join the Stardust Video & Coffee Flickr group and add your Stardust photobooth pictures, along with other photographs of the Dust, to the group. Periodically throughout the month we’ll have gallery posts featuring some of what’s in the group. The photobooth pictures can be taken whenever, so they can be old ones you took years ago or some recent pics, just so long as they’re taken at Stardust. You can also submit images of the whole photobooth strip or of single shots, just in case you look all jacked in all the other photos.

So get your friends, your folks, your pets or your lonesome self together and get some photos into the Flickr group.

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