Stardust Photobooth Pictures

Dancing sock monkey. Taken April 2011.

This month we will be posting up pictures from the Stardust Video & Coffee Flickr group taken in our photobooth. Our photobooth has taken loads upon loads of photos of our local community, and we’d love to see some of the friends it’s made throughout the years!

If you have photobooth pictures taken at Stardust, please join our Flickr group and add them to our photo pool. They can be recent pictures or older images–just as long as they’re taken at the photobooth at Stardust. Joining Flickr is free and it’s pretty easy to sign up with to share your pictures.

We’ll be posting the photobooth pictures here on the Stardust website throughout the month, so check back once in a while and see what’s up.

So go on and dig through your Facebook profile photos for those pictures you’ve taken at the Dust, or grab your friends, your fam, your favourite beer, your book, your favourite Stardust staff member, your cat, your pooch, your sandwich and your smile and make some new memories to share.

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