Beer Profile: Pinkus Organic Ur Pils

  • Beer: Organic Ur Pils
  • Brewery: Pinkus
  • From: Münster, Germany
  • Recommended by: Randall
  • Notes: Pilsner beers have a misguided reputation among many beer fans. When many people think of pilsners, they thing of something rather unimpressive like Budweiser, which is way off-base, considering that Budweiser is really a rice beer and nothing like what a good pils should be, as Randall argues. Pinkus is one of Randall’s top three favourite beers, and he describes the taste as being incredibly clean, “as if they got the water to brew this beer from the top of Mt. Everest.” In addition to being a penultimate example of what a German pilsner should be, it’s certified organic. It’s a great beer to pair with a Master or Lawnwrangler salad from our kitchen, as well as a nice treat on its own on a warm day. Have one and taste what a pilsner beer should aspire to be.

So here’s the newest addition to our Beer Profiles. Stardust Video & Coffee is a home all sorts of good beer: pilsners, lagers, stouts, porters, brown ales, saison brews and more. Have a look at our beer cooler the next time you pop in.

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