LiNK Film Screening 4/29 – Hiding: Exposing the Life of North Korean Refugees in China

This Friday, Stardust will be hosting a screening of the documentary film Hiding, put forth by the group LiNK – Liberty in North Korea. The film will be focusing on North Korean refugees who have fled their country and are refugees in China.

Per the Vimeo description:

While the world focuses on North Korea’s security issue, hundreds of thousands of North Koreans continue to be enslaved in prison camps today. Up to 300,000 have also escaped to China – seeking food, medicine, work, or freedom from political and religious oppression. Among the 300,000, 70 to 90 percent of North Korean women are trafficked and sold into the sex trade, and more and more refugees are fleeing to Southeast Asia to escape imprisonment upon repatriation by China.

Through LiNK’s networks, these refugees can be helped and given new lives. “Hiding” is a film about a group of North Korean refugees hiding in China today, and exposes their struggles to survive.

Members from LiNK who are taking the documentary film on tour will be setting up at Stardust to screen the film at 6:00 pm, Friday, April 29. The screening is free, however the members may be taking up donations for the organisation. For more information on LiNK, visit their website.

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