I’m Legal

It has been entirely too long since I have enjoyed my steaks here on the Stardust Video & Coffee website. I considered going into a long diatribe about how I chased ghosts to Colorado to ultimately save the world from the threat of dry skin and a lack of Chap Stick. Unfortunately, I find myself at a loss for witty retorts up in the hell of my mind.

The clouds have gathered over Audubon Park, and I’d say I wish it didn’t rain (for it’s a market night), but everything must piss eventually. Too will the clouds, and I for one like storms. There is something to say when the environment matches the self, and I would like to say I am a tornado of sorts (thinking and thinking and cycling through wishes and whims). Hope rides alone, though.

I did go to Colorado. Many adventures were had from driving through the mountains (literally, Sacleux Champoux made mountains and will destroy them again), visiting Estes Park (Yahtzee said it was beautiful, and she was right), watching the Rockies’ opening game of this season (that involved seeing more sun than baseball), and a few attempts to teach someone how to operate a Mac.

Beyond that, I made a trip to the DMV. Being on the Most Wanted list, they let me through quickly (in about thirty seconds) with the only damage being that my credit card is now maxed out. The scooter is now legal, fortunately. I also have a Florida drivers license.

Look out ladies, this past Tuesday, April 19th, I turned 21. My arch-enemy, Kat, took me out to dinner and bought me some drinks. Then, I spent time with my girlfriend GLaDOS and accidentally turned her into a potato for a while. (Hell, it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

I do intend to continue posting (hopefully more frequently) after I succeed in my battle against depression, heartache, hunger, and cell phone batteries that last no longer than ten minutes.

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