Food Truck Hell?

After attending the excellent Food Truck Bazaar’s second event hosted by The Daily City’s own Mark Baratelli on Sunday, I didn’t know what to expect from Food Truck Heaven. The Plaza ‘Live’ Theatre’s own event spawned after the apparent success of the first Food Truck Bazaar. I had no plans to stay for the duration, but I did want to check it out.

Unfortunately, this Tuesday night didn’t have the nice breeze Sunday did. Instead, the common Florida heat reigned supreme, which made it feel more like hell. I got there early, thirty minutes or so after it started. Rush hour traffic halted the Volkswagon camper’s movements, and the lack of AC’s only savior was the cigarette-lighter rigged fan. Stepping outside took that away.

Approaching the parking lot, my partner in crime said something about having little more than fifteen minutes to spend. I didn’t spend that much time before getting bored. There weren’t many people standing around, though kids seemed to be entertained enough by an ice cream truck and balloons. They did have the best hot dog cart in Orlando. And, beer. The latter is something I feel could really benefit Food Truck Bazaar at their next event. People waiting in line get thirsty.

Especially in hell.

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