Tea Party and the British Invasion, Saturday, 14 May

On 14 May, this Saturday, the Audubon Park Garden District will be the scene for an event called British Invasion, featuring live music, contests, darts, dining out and more. It’s gonna be big. Maybe as big as a certain wedding that happened last month.

Wild Ocean and Big Wheel Provisions will be having British food on offer, so expect fish and chips as well as other Anglo delights. Along with Big Daddy’s and other local business neighbours, Stardust will be having some goings-on for the British Invasion.

Here’s what the line-uplooks like at Stardust of events and music:

Ongoing  |   Photo Booth
4:00 PM   |   Mad Hatter’s High Tea
7:30 PM   |   Upper Class Twit Contest
8:45 PM   |   Silly Walks

Live Music
6:30 PM   |   Roger and Matt
6:45 PM   |   Kris & Thuan
7:00 PM   |   Stephen Clark
7:20 PM   |   Jeff Waylon
7:30 PM   |   Dean
7:40 PM   |   Tommy Cooper
8:00 PM   |   British Invasion
8:55 PM   |   Sarah Purser
9:10 PM   |   Klaus Heesch
9:20 PM   |   British Invasion

You can read about the line-up at other places on the Audubon Park Garden District’s site. Also follow the developments on the British Invasion Facebook event, and check out the separate event page for the Mad Hatters High Tea. There’ll be an interactive photobooth to take pictures of you with your sweet mad hat.

It’ll be like Coronation Street!

Actually, it probably won’t be like Coronation Street. Just come down.

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