British Tea Power: Stardust High Tea and the British Invasion

British Invasion is tomorrow!

Yes, folks! Stardust will be celebrating along with the rest of Audubon Park all things Anglo Saturday, 14 May. We’ll start by holding a Mad Hatters High Tea from 4 pm until 6 pm, featuring British beer and cider in our beer cooler and British-inspired drinks at our bar, which will be opening a couple hours early for you to whet your accented whistle.

We’ll also be offering a variety of fine teas and a wide variety of teatime treats like vegan strawberry scones, raspberry trifle made with homemade cream cheese pound cake, coconut-lime shortbread and cucumber sandwiches with lemon mint spread. Dustyshire cream will be available upon request to smear on your scone. We’ll be having vegan and non-vegan offerings for tea, so go ahead and bring your herbivore friend. Get in to Stardust early for teatime for first crack at all the delights.

Ridiculous headwear encouraged.

For you beer enthusiasts, we’ll be featuring a nice little sample of British breweries in our beer cooler, including St Peter’s Cream Stout, Ruddles County English Ale, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Samuel Smith’s Raspberry Ale, Wychwood’s Wychcraft Blonde Ale and Tanner’s Jack Ale from Morland. Cocktail specials with a British theme will be featured at the bar. Expect to see a bottle of Pimm’s floating around.

For a schedule of British Invasion events, visit the Audubon Park Garden District’s site for a breakdown of what’s happening where.

With teatime treats, lovely live music and DJ sets, an array of drinks and a number of activities hosted by us and many other fine Audubon Park places like Park Ave CDs and Big Daddy’s, you’re bound to have a fun time. Do be a dear and stop by, will you?

And don’t forget about our Mexican Brunch this Sunday with tortilla quiche, coconut pancakes and more. What better place to recuperate with your British hangover than at a Mexican Brunch? How’s that for international? Epcot better watch out.

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