Brunch Food and Drink for Sunday, 22 May

Hey, hey, everybody. So here’s the anticipated post with the menu for our upcoming Sunday Brunch. This time we even have a drinks menu as well, so go ahead and think about what cocktail to pair that brunch dish with. Or just wing it when you get here if you’re not big on planning things.

Here’s the menu for our Sunday Brunch this weekend:

  • Curried Corn and Crab Cakes
  • Mini Mushroom-Feta Turnovers
  • Meyer Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Macerated Strawberry Coulis
  • Mango and Avocado Salad with Spiced Candied Pecans

Courtney will be serving up drinks at the bar for you to have a pleasant early-afternoon tipple, try out the hair of the dog treatment on your hangover, or for you to keep drinking because you haven’t stopped since you started on Friday night (in which case, please don’t drive).

Drink specials for this Sunday’s brunch will be:

  • Honeydew Mimosa with fresh pureed honeydew
  • Bloody Mary – vodka, tomato juice, pickle juice, horseradish, sriracha, and lime juice garnished with celery salt, mini pickle, and marinated mushroom
  • Spicy Mexican Mary – tequila, tomato juice, jalapeno, red pepper, tabasco, lemon and lime juice garnished with a blue cheese chunk, jalapeno slice, and mini pickle
  • Bourbon Mary – bourbon, tomato juice, olive juice, worcestershire, homemade bbq sauce, and ground black pepper garnished with a marinated mushroom, a mini pickle, and a green olive

As a reminder, brunch will begin at 11:30 am and continue on until 4 pm, during which time we do not serve our regular full menu, but our special brunch one. Our brunch menu changes every Sunday, and we generally don’t serve the same things two weeks in a row because our cooks like to exercise their creativity and make stuff extra-special.

So rouse yourself awake before 4 pm this Sunday and pop into Stardust. You can meet up with some friends or amicable strangers, have a post-rapture cocktail and dine on some delicious brunch fare.

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