The Video Dept – Friday, 27 May

It’s nearly time to put your dancin’ shoes on…

This Friday, DJs Sleepy Hippie and Xuan will be playing a combination of chillwave tracks, indie favourites, classic 80s pop and other musical tunes to surprise and delight. This is a monthly free event of sonic enjoyment, so keep your money for beverages and snacks. There will be special drinks at the bar and a beer cooler with a mix of microbrews and imports to raid. We’ve got fancy soda, too, if you’re needin’ to keep sharp or if you’re underage.

Have a look at the Facebook event page to RSVP and size up your potential dance partners and drinking buddies. This is an all-ages event, so don’t forget your IDs if you plan on having an adult beverage. The set will start at 10 pm and we’ll be playing songs to shake your butt to until 1 am, so get ready to bust some serious moves on the terrazzo.

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