Brunchy Time! Today, 12 June.

Hey, all. Here’s the menu for the brunch this Sunday at Stardust, including some vegan options for the vegan folks! Hooray!

Corned-beef and Sweet Potato Hash with 2 eggs and fruit salad
– also a vegan option

Wild Rice-Millet Garlic-Rosemary Pancakes with 2 eggs and bacon or veggie sausage
-the pancakes are vegan and gluten-free!!

Fruit Salad: cantaloupe, grapes, raspberries, blueberries 

Apple, Turnip, and cabbage salad

Bacon or veggie sausage

Today’s brunch is being cooked up by Rachel and Randall, so come in before brunch time is over at 3 pm. We’ll start serving brunch at 11:30 am, and the bar will be open for your brunch time boozin’.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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