Sunday Brunch June 19th!

Hello all! Christina here to inform you of all the goodies Matt and I will be whipping up for you this weekend. We wanted to do mexican again since it was so well received last month! Don’t forget it is Father’s day… Bring your dads!

*Mexican Benedict- Homemade jalapeno-cheddar corn caked with fried eggs, black beans, salsa and fresh cilantro. Served with strawberry avocado salad . $8

*Mexican Coconut Waffle with guava glazed banana syrup. $7

*Cous cous and black bean salad-  Warm salad served with 2 bacon wrapped eggs. $8 — Try it vegetarian with (veg)sausage wrapped eggs!

Side of bacon or veggie sausage $3

Side of strawberry-avocado salad $4

Hope to see lots of friendlies out and about on Sunday!

Much love!

One thought on “Sunday Brunch June 19th!

  1. I heard it was delicious! Christina and Matt always throw down whenever they’re working the brunch. I still dream of the breakfast bread I had a handful of brunches ago….

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