Some photos from our Flickr group

Here are some photos contributed to the Stardust Video & Coffee Flickr group submitted by Flickr user drlisa, who has submitted over a hundred photos to the group. Thanks, drlisa! Clicking on the photos below will take you to the photo in Flickr, where you can peruse the rest of the photos in the Stardust Flickr group, or have a gander at the other photos on drlisa’s account.

If you have a Flickr account and have some shots of Stardust, we’d love to have you share your photos with us. Join the Flickr group and share your pics, whether taken with your iPhone, SLR, disposable waterproof camera, pinhole or Polaroid. We’re not picky. We’ll also take life drawings, animation, collage art, video and stills of your ode to St Bernardus acted out through interpretive dance.

Go on, then. Think about the possibilities. In the meantime, here are just a few images contributed by drlisa. See all this user’s contributed images here.

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