Stardust Sounds

Our staff at Stardust are a pretty creative bunch, with crafters, writers, artists, photographers, schemers and dreamers. For those of you who are into music, you’ll want to check out the projects of two of our kitchen lords, Josh and Matt.

Josh, whom you may know as DJ Sleepy Hippie (and who we know as the Snack Master), hosts a radio show Monday mornings on WPRK called Kindergarten, and he’s started to create podcasts of his broadcasts. Check out his first podcast-broadcast here: Kindergarten 6 27 11. It’s downloadable so you can put it on your iWhatever, and perfectly free.

Matt has a band. It’s a good band. Justin plays in it, too.

Telethon is a band that has played all around this great red-blooded nation, most frequently here in our humid Orlando environs. Check out their website and have a listen to one of their tracks: No Food Or Drink by TELETHON.

One of their older albums above is available to download for free–the three track album is available on Bandcamp.

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