Beer Profile: Scottish Heavy

  • Beer: Scottish Heavy
  • Brewery: Williams Bros Brewing Co
  • From: Scotland
  • Recommended by: Doreen
  • Notes: The Scottish Heavy isn’t as heavy as one might think. It’s a Scottish ale that’s similar to a porter–malty and dark, but still entirely appropriate for the summer weather by managing not to be too thick or weighty. The taste of Scottish Heavy evokes similarities with a light roast coffee or toasted oats, and it’s a good pick for people who shy away from hoppy beers. This reminds me of an Imperial Russian stout but without the higher alcoholic level that those types of brews usually have. If you’re fond of porters and stouts, you might want to give this a try, as we won’t have it long at Stardust–and how often do you get to pop open a Scottish beer?

This post on the Scottish Heavy is the newest post in our collection of Beer Profiles. Stardust Video & Coffee has all sorts of good beer: pilsners, heifeweizens, pale ales, stouts, porters, brown ales, saison brews and more.

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