Stardust Heroes: The Photobooth Guy at Work

If you happen to luck upon a sighting of the Photobooth Guy who owns and services the Stardust photobooth, take the time and have a peek at the inner workings of the photobooth. It’s a treat for any analogueophile, and the Photobooth Guy is a total sweetheart as well.

Can you tell he’s my new hero? And if you’ve ever gotten your picture taken at the Stardust photobooth, or any of a handful of other photobooths around town, he should be your hero, too. I mean, would you know how to fix an old, analogue photobooth?

2 thoughts on “Stardust Heroes: The Photobooth Guy at Work

  1. Hey there.

    Yep, it probably wasn’t busted so much as it was out of paper for photos, or maybe it just needed a bit of fine-tuning. As you can see from the pictures above, it’s an old, analogue machine–probably older than many young teenage and early twenty-something customers! So sometimes, like a little old man, it’ll need its “rest” while it waits for the fantastic Photobooth Guy to come by and give its old bones a good sorting-out.

    The machine is currently in good working order as of this posting. However, for many reasons, it will need periodic maintenance that may happen during times we’d rather it not. In exchange for speed, convenience and guaranteed reliability, we receive valuable moments of anticipation as we wait (and wait) for the photos to shoot down into the side pocket. We get a happy thrill when we check to see that, yes, it is working today. We get to share in an experience of sitting in front of a camera flash that generations before us have likewise done, holding in place a moment in time we can hold in our hands and look back on.

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