Give us a Like! Stardust’s new Place Page on Facebook

In addition to our group page Stardust Video and Coffee (is what you make it) that has over 900 members, we now have an official Stardust Place Page on Facebook. You might have noticed our fancy new widget on the sidebar of this here blog (hat-tip to Stardust regular Toddy Toddington for adding that) that will enable you to “Like” our page.

The Stardust Video & Coffee page on Facebook is not only helpful in keeping up-to-date about upcoming events and Stardust-related news, but you can also link up Facebook events that will be taking place at Stardust. For example, if you’re in a band and you’re playing at Stardust this Friday, put a link to the event on the Stardust wall so that other people visiting the page will see it.

You can now also tag Stardust Video & Coffee in your photos on Facebook. I know, exciting, right? Go on and share with us those photos you’ve taken at your friend’s last birthday, the photo of your favourite cocktail at the Slanted and Enchanted Bar, the strip of pictures you’ve taken in the photobooth, a photo you’ve taken at the Audubon Park Community Market, or whatever else you feel like tagging as Stardust, because Stardust can be as much of a place as a state of mind.

Don’t forget to also check out our Twitter page if you happen to be a tweeter or twooter.

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