cream cheese jesus miracle knife!


What was supposed to be a routine washing of dishes became an extraordinary cleansing of the soul this morning at Stardust Video & Coffee. Employees Matt Kamm and Doug Rhodehamel bore witness to the miraculous morning event. While washing a knife, Matt was stunned to see the image of Jesus Christ left on the utensil from the residue of some cream cheese. “Oh my God!” screamed Kamm, “Jesus is on this Knife!” Rhodehamel concurred and quickly photographed the knife then placed it safely away. “We want to preserve this image for all to see”, said Rhodehamel. “We’re just a couple of guys who want to share this miracle, cause you know, they don’t like happen a lot an’ stuff.”

Stardust plans to have the aptly named Miracle Knife on display within a couple weeks unless the cheese gets all gross and moldy and stuff.

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