Zombie Blood Drive

Audubon Park Garden District’s Vinyl, Books, & Food Trucks event happens tomorrow! A couple of weeks after that, the Big Red Bus! will be parked across the street from Stardust in front of the APGD office to gather blood.

Audubon Park Garden District (APGD) is teaming up with Florida Blood Centers on September 14, 2011 from 1PM to 7PM to bring out the Big Red Bus! to stock up on blood before the upcoming zombie invasion.

Director Kat Quast has already had a handful of encounters with the undead and zombie sympathizers and has wrestled out the information that the next invasion is set to be October 1, 2011 at 6PM. Quast has asked Florida Blood Centers to run a blood drive at the heart of the district in hopes of maximizing the potential for survival against the possible threat from the walking dead.

We need you to come out. You just might save a life and protect the future!

APGD is taking this opportunity to remind the community that zombies are not a force to be taken lightly. They know what death is like and have no qualms in fighting for their one true desire… brains.

That new friend of yours isn’t caressing your scalp. He’s digging for that juicy, pink brain.

While APGD does not believe in condemning an entire people for the rash actions of a few zombies, we do ask you to tread lightly and practice cardio, just in case.

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