Tonight! Heavy Petting In Florida!

Tonight, Saturday September 17th, Stardust will be hosting a reading from Gregory Sherl’s new book of poetry Heavy Petting. YesYes Books has been touring Florida with a crew of poets and writers to celebrate Sherl’s latest work.

Host Thomas Patrick Levy

with Jesse Bradley, Anna Claire Hodge, and Robert Walker.

Here is an excerpt from his poem “Diary”

I want to star in a movie about a boy so tired of sex he sits in a coffee shop all day biting his nails.
Let me be alone but not the boy says. Let me drink the melting snow from the gutters of the house of the last girl who let me bite her pillow.
The boy’s nails are broken waves. The cuticles, silver confetti.
If it were opposite day I would touch my breasts every month checking for lumps. This is what I mean: the boy’s nails have quit growing.
Today I write in my diary I have no desire to memorize poetry. The boy tells his fingernails You smile the perfect amount.


WARNING: This reading ain’t gonna be too extreme, but you might wanna leave the kids at home… it is called heavy petting.

Starts shortly after 8 and includes book signing.


Check out YesYes Books for more info.

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