Dinner for Breakfast: Club remix edition

Brought to you by Mosley & Miriam, enjoy!

club kids

All Brunch Entrees come with side fruit.

  • add Bacon $1(2)

La Colazione Lasagna
Salsiccia, uova, formaggio, e marinara.
( Sausage, eggs, cheese, and home made marinara layered with more yawns and love than the first one. )——$8.50

Desayuno Quesadilla
Huevos, papas, tomate, queso, y cebollas
( eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese and onions. As cheesy as a leisure suit on the floor in morning. )——$8.50

Hamm’n sum Savry punkin mac’n fo cheez wit eg.
(macaroni with savory autumn pumpkin, gorgonzola, Parmesan, mozzarella, and romaggio cheeses topped with black forest ham and a singular fried egg——-$9


  • Sauteed Mixed veggies New orleans style
  • Eggs(2)
  • cracked pepper and herb breakfast potatoes

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