Stardust’s Grandma Party Food Tent Menu

As tradition Stardust kitchen will be closed this Sunday during Grandma Party,

but the food tent will have some tasty snacking options!


The Ultimate Vegan sloppy Joe-$4

-Stardust’s secret recipe tastiest, sloppiest joes you’ve ever had!


Tofu Green curry -$5

-Homemade green curry, with Tofu, bell peppers, carrots, and onions. Served over rice.


Carrot Dogs, Vegan Dogs & Old School all beef franks-$2

 – Above dogs served w/complimentary toppings : siracha, ketchup, mustard, dijon, onions, relish, and red pepper aoli.

add chilli-$1

add Miriam’s famous sauerkraut-$.50


Miriam’s famous Beer Brats-$4

– Seared bratwurst, slowly simmered in onions, beer, and garlic and pepper.

Topped w/ sauerkraut & sweet simmered onion.





Bottle Water-$2

Ginseng UP-$1

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