Fiesta Brunch 10.13.13 Ole!



*All entrees come with your choice of 2 sides.


Vegan Rainbow Tacos: 

Miriam’s famous refried beans & fajita tofu crumbles. Topped w/ fresh cilantro, red  onions, red cabbage and a medley of bell peppers.                              
(cheese can be added upon request for $. 50


Mini Breakfast Quesadilla:

Cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, re-fried beans, scallions. Side Garnish cilantro, red cabbage, red onions.

Siesta Time Sammy:

Fried egg, colby jack cheese, turkey sausage, fresh spinach, re-fried beans, bell peppers.




*ala carte sides $2

  • seasoned home fries
  • bacon
  • fruit
  • kale salad w/ home made beet vinegrette
  • fresh spinach
  • Miriam’s famous Vegan re-fried bean dip n’ chips
  • Turkey Sausage

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