2014 Grandma Party Sign-ups!!!

It’s time for another GRANDMA PARTY BAZAAR!!!!!! (yes! high-fives!) The twelfth episode of the GRANDMA PARTY BAZAAR will happen at the same place (Stardust Video and Coffee), same time (about 10am until we all simmer down and want to go home) on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14TH 2014!!

But, you know it’s not really a party without you, don’t you?

– You will need to submit your application via email toGMABAZAAR@GMAIL.COM

– There is a THREE WEEK window for submitting your application starting now (yeah, like right now!) and closing on at midnight (EST) on September 21st.

– You will be notified of your acceptance by October 5th. Once you are accepted, you will be prompted to pay for your booth. Payment is expected within ONE WEEK of acceptance. Cost is sliding scale $25-50. The main objective is for the bazaar to remain inclusive and affordable, but we are a small operation with big needs (and big plans! keep your hearing aid in and your specs on!) ANYTHING you can give over the base amount will be appreciated and put to good use! Payment will be accepted at Stardust Video & Coffee. If you have no way to get there, email us and we will send you our PayPal information.

– If you are not accepted initially, we will put you on our waiting list in case anyone we select accidentally left their wallet in their other pants and can’t pay us on time.

So, you in? Yeah? Radical! Check it out:

Application instructions and guidelines

All vendors (for the most part, see below) MUST be selling handcrafted items.

This can be anything you want as long as you MAKE it. Or if your friends make it, that’s ok too.

*Your old stuff (old clothes, books, movies, etc…) is NOT allowed UNLESS it has been artistically altered. If you have old stuff that you are looking to get rid of donate it or have a yard sale.

*Interactive booths are highly encouraged!!!!! At past bazaars this has included the photo booth, songs while you wait, youtube video upload booth, tarot, henna, massage …. And in the future could include awesome things like a kissing booth, art projects for kids, face painting, collaborative art, and who knows what else. DO YOU KNOW??

*I want to make it very clear: Non-handmade items are not welcome at the bazaar. Not in any capacity at any booth. The only exception is vintage clothing, and even that will only be accepted in limited quantities.

*Due to limited space and because Grandma wants to keep it fresh this year, vendors shouldn’t expect to be grandfathered in. Submit your best stuff to catch Granny’s attention and she’ll be in touch

Your application must be representative of what you intend to sell at your booth and MUST include:

– your business name (or names if you are sharing a booth)

– your name (and the names of anyone else at your booth)

– a primary contact phone number

– a primary contact email address

– any links to your businesses web presence (website, etsy, etc…)

– a brief written description

– 3-5 images of what you will be selling/doing at your booth

– answer to the question: why do you want to be a part of Grandma Party Bazaar?

– any additional cool secrets you want to tell us

That’s the main shebang. Stay tuned for more details and what-nots to come, but for now, go get started on your applications! Oh yeah, and like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!

Like this: https://www.facebook.com/grandmaparty

Follow this:http://twitter.com/GrandmaParty 



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