Hello friends! Granny has some cool plans for the bazaar this year, and she needs your help! She is asking for all of her friends to donate any scrap yarn, fabric, sheets, sewing supples, etc. for a special project she is working on.

Here is how to help:

– look through your stuff
– find fabric scraps
– go to Stardust Video & Coffee
– turn in your donation to a lovely barista

Donations will be accepted now through November 28th!

The Art of Rick Jones…

Stardust is proud to present

ARBORESCENCES: site-specific installation, paintings and drawings
by Rick Jones

opening reception November 8th   7pm-10pm

Rick Jones will exhibit all new paintings, drawings, sculptures and installation in this conspicuous diversion into an increasingly representational world.
What does that mean? We don’t know, but will will soon!


After 11 years in storage, the award winning Frankenshow is back with all your FrankenFavorites: Frankencork, Frankenpants, and the lovable, grotesque Frankenpuppet!
Each work of art is created with the same technique used by Dr. Frankenstein, parts and pieces bolted or stitched together to form a single horrible unit.

Frankenshow will also offer spooky drink specials along with it’s very own soundtrack. Frankenshow is guaranteed to creep you out and crack you up!

Opening reception at Stardust Video & Coffee
Friday October 5th from 7 pm to 11 pm.

you will scream…you will laugh…you will drink coffee… AGAIN