Happy Mother’s Day! Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day!

*Entrees include 2 sides and  melons


Boldog Anyák napját (Hungary)

Lemon Poopy Seed Pancakes, topped with fresh strawberries in orange lemon glaze


Buona festa della mamma (Italy)

Bacon, Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Manchego Quiche.

Topped with micro basil and fresh tomatoes


Ein lieber Gruß zumMuttertag ( Germany)

Brunch Sandwich with homemade spiced Egg salad, greens, tomato, avocado & red cabbage slaw on croissant


Vegan Special– Fruit, Kale Salad, Cinnamon Buns, potatoes

Sides(ala carte $2)

Bacon                                                         Lake Meadows Local Eggs

Potatoes                                                     Turkey Sausage

Kale salad                                                   Morning Star*veg sausage

Fruit (melons! Grapes,starwberries, orange, grapefruit)

Stardust Easter Brunch Platter

(We will happily make a vegetarian/vegan platter upon request

Vegan platter can be made with tofu scramble)


Main Course

Pineapple-mustard glazed ham, cranberry compote

& sunny side egg



             Roasted Asparagus with Lemony Breadcrumbs

Leek & Garlic Lemon Potatoes

Grapefruit & mint spring salad



Baked buttered Apples

                 Strawberries, blueberries & Orange


Specialty drinks available at the bar

market night drink specials

Drink specials= $8.50


Vegan eggnog

Made with coconut milk!

 Spiked with rum and biscotti liqueur


Hot n’ Stormy

Hot version of the classic Dark n’ stormy

Spiced rum, ginger liqueur, fresh lime, simple syrup

Served HOT


It’s Bloody cold outside!

Bourbon, spash of fireball, hibiscus syrup, fresh lemon juice

Spiced apple cider.  Served HOT


The Ice cream Man

Boozy spin on the classic creamsicle ice cream.

Tequila, spiked tequila-apricot preseves, cinnamon syrup,

Cachaca, fresh lemon,  shaken- topped with soda

First Brunch of 2014

All entrees come with choice of 2 sides


Breakfast Sammy

Served on a fresh baked biscuit w/  Tequila-cayenne Apricot preserves, wildflower honey & turkey sausage.


Egg in a basket

Egg cracked inside whole wheat toast, topped with a blend of southern seasoned black beans, corn & roasted tomatoes. Garnished w/cheese  & scallions


Cajun Breakfast Pile

Potatoes & sweet potatoes topped with a blend of southern seasoned black beans, corn & roasted peppers. Topped with scallions & egg


Sides *ala carte sides $2

  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Biscuit w/honey
  • Turkey sausage

Tonights drink specials

Drink specials -9

made with love & muddling =)

Rudolf’s Christmas special

Bourbon, muddled strawberry, cinnamon

lemon, beet juice, Dubonnet Rouge –stirred, rocks

Stardust X-mas Party

Cocktail created after our signature pink tree!

Tito’s Vodka, muddled strawberry preserves,

strawberries, fresh ruby red grapefruit, sage.

Shaken-topped with champagne and rose bitters

It’s Bikini Christmas thyme

Blue Coat Gin, fresh thyme, pear nectar, lemon

Shaken- topped with champagne and peach bitters.

Winter Wetlands Brunch

All entrees come with choice of  2 sides

Entrees –8.5

1) Vegetarian southern style biscuits n’ gravy


2) Harvest Root Vegetable and sausage pile

Yams, russet potatoes, carrots  w/ turkey sausge topped with fried egg  &  My Yard Farm*microgreens.

 (can be vegan) (can be Vegetarian w/ veggie sausage)


3) Good ole Chicken and Waffles

Topped with a bourbon orange syrup & wildflower honey


Ala carte sides $2

  • Bacon
  • Local Roots cage free
  • Fruit – apples, pear, grape, strawberry & grapefruit
  • Herbed breakfast Potatoes
  • Turkey sausage patties

Autumn Brunch

Autumn Brunch


*all entrees come with choice of 2 sides


Kale Salad: Dinosaur Kale, sunflower seeds, beets, carrots, quiona, avocado and scallions. Tossed in homemade beet vinnegrette.

 Served with a Bacon Wrapped egg.


Harvest Pizza:  individual pi topped with pears, caramelized onions, sweet peas, sage turkey sausage, fresh organic Arugula from My Yard Farm.

Served with sunny side egg on top.


Pumpkin Spice waffles: topped with whiskey maple syrup and cinnamon honey coconut cream sauce.



Ala carte sides $2

  • Eggs (2)
  • Bacon (2)
  • Cucumber dill salad
  • Fresh fruit
  • Sage turkey Sausage (2)
  • Soft pretzel with brown deli mustard

Fiesta Brunch 10.13.13 Ole!



*All entrees come with your choice of 2 sides.


Vegan Rainbow Tacos: 

Miriam’s famous refried beans & fajita tofu crumbles. Topped w/ fresh cilantro, red  onions, red cabbage and a medley of bell peppers.                              
(cheese can be added upon request for $. 50


Mini Breakfast Quesadilla:

Cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, re-fried beans, scallions. Side Garnish cilantro, red cabbage, red onions.

Siesta Time Sammy:

Fried egg, colby jack cheese, turkey sausage, fresh spinach, re-fried beans, bell peppers.




*ala carte sides $2

  • seasoned home fries
  • bacon
  • fruit
  • kale salad w/ home made beet vinegrette
  • fresh spinach
  • Miriam’s famous Vegan re-fried bean dip n’ chips
  • Turkey Sausage

Meaty Monday!

1) Spicy Italian Sausage Rigatoni

served w/Garlic bread-$8


2) The Bacon Cobb

Bacon, blue cheese, avocado, tomatoes and red onions.

served w/ chips–$8


3)Salmon goat and Dill Quiche

served w/side salad-$6


4) Guacamole n chips-$5