past events

the dust has an amazing myriad of events. some are ongoing, some are once and gone. they are always amazing and always unforgettable. in case you did forget… here they are again.

Events That Could Happen Again:

  4th of july sui-slide
100 feet of surplus FEMA tarp funness! not really our event, but stardust was closed and we were all there and we all went sliding and broke fingers, toes and ribs. can’t wait till next year!

 CUSS YEAH! a Wes Anderson homage and costume party. on the night of june 16th stardust video & coffee was transformed into a complete cuss of every Wes Anderson movie.

 bastille day
also known in france as la fête nationale, is a french national holiday that happens on july 14th, and at stardust we began celebrating it in a spectacularly faux-french back in 2009.

grandma party bazaar
every so, whenever… something happens in the parking lot of stardust video & coffee. a cornucopia of crafts, oddities, musical occurrences and some kinda weirdness. It somehow all works out.

anna + miriam’s carnivale freakshow
two lovable freakie girls with dueling birthdays transform stardust video & coffee into a circus side show party for all our freak show friends.

every octoberish… it happens.
oompapa, beer, lederhosen, more beer, sausage and kraut. and beer. and beer.

ramones sundays
for many, many sunday evenings around 7 pm, emily, doug and greg hosted ramones sundays, in which the stardust airwaves were taken over by the sounds of blitzkrieg bop. a single commemorative paper coffee cup was created by doug each sunday and are now on permanent display in the lobby.

Previous Events:
  • Friday 2/8 @ 7:30pm: Jai Eagle Show. They will be recording a “Live Unplugged” version of two of those songs to account for a music video for them both.
  • Saturday 2/2 @ 7pm: The Ghost Choir Art Show (event details | flyer)
  • Sunday 1/27 @ 9pm: Paul Birabeau’s Acoustic Set
  • Friday 1/18 @ 5pm-8pm: Garden District Cocktail Event (Details)
  • Saturday 1/5 @ 7pm: Furry Fangs Art Show (Event Flyer)
  • Friday 1/4 @ 9pm-11pm: Robbin Thieves and The Death Trem
  • Tuesday 1/1 @ 9pm-11pm: The Odd Tuesday Stand Up Comedy Showcase
  • Friday 12/21 @ 8pm-11:50pm: The Silver Fleece (Facebook)
  • Friday 12/14 @ 9pm: The Video Department (Event Details)
  • Saturday 12/15 from Noon – 2pm: Don Glenn Book Signing at the Glass Bar (Event Details)
  • Saturday 12/15 @ 7:30 – 9:30pm: Dominique Minor’s Evolution (Event Details)
  • Sunday 12/16 from 10am till Sundown: GRANDMA PARTY (Event Details)
  • Saturday 12/8 @ 9pm: Marc With a C’s Annual Holiday Show (Event Details)
  • Friday 12/7 @ 8pm: WPRK 60th Birthday Celebration with live music, fundraiser and a live broadcast from Stardust. (Event Details)

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