Grandma Party 2013 Sign-ups

Sign-ups for the 11th Grandma Party Bazaar have started!

  • Here is how to apply:

    Heya kiddos! What, you think we forgot about you? Don’t be silly. You know Grandma can’t go a whole year without seeing her little sweethearts. (Pssst … that’s you!) It’s just, you know, Granny’s getting a little old and well, some things just take a bit longer then they used to.

    But no worries my dears, we’re here now. And you know what THAT means! It means it’s time for another GRANDMA PARTY BAZAAR!!!!!! (yes! high-fives!) The eleventh episode of theGRANDMA PARTY BAZAAR will happen at the same place (Stardust Video and Coffee), same time (about 10am until we all simmer down and want to go home) on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15TH 2013!!

    But, you know it’s not really a party without you, don’t you?

    – You will need to submit your application via email toGMABAZAAR@GMAIL.COM (**this is only for applications, we also have the email address for general questions and the receipt of testaments to Granny’s awesomeness. Do not send your application to

    – There is a THREE WEEK window for submitting your application starting now (yeah, like right now!) and closing on at midnight (EST) on September 27th.

    – You will be notified of your acceptance by October 12th. Once you are accepted, you will be prompted to pay for your booth. Payment is expected within ONE WEEK of acceptance. Cost is sliding scale $25-50. The main objective is for the bazaar to remain inclusive and affordable, but we are a small operation with big needs (and big plans! keep your hearing aid in and your specs on!) ANYTHING you can give over the base amount will be appreciated and put to good use! Payment will be accepted at Stardust Video & Coffee. If you have no way to get there, email us and we will send you our PayPal information.

    – If you are not accepted initially, we will put you on our waiting list in case anyone we select accidentally left their wallet in their other pants and can’t pay us on time.

    So, you in? Yeah? Radical. Check it out:

    Application instructions and guidelines

    All vendors (for the most part, see below) MUST be selling handcrafted items.

    This can be anything you want as long as you MAKE it. Or if your friends make it, that’s ok too.

    *Your old stuff (old clothes, books, movies, etc…) is NOT allowed UNLESS it has been artistically altered. If you have old stuff that you are looking to get rid of donate it or have a yard sale.

    *Interactive booths are highly encouraged!!!!! At past bazaars this has included the photo booth, songs while you wait, youtube video upload booth, tarot, henna, massage …. And in the future could include awesome things like a kissing booth, art projects for kids, face painting, collaborative art, and who knows what else. DO YOU KNOW??

    *I want to make it very clear: Non-handmade items are not welcome at the bazaar. Not in any capacity at any booth. The only exception is vintage clothing, and even that will only be accepted in limited quantities.

    Your application must be representative of what you intend to sell at your booth.

    Your application MUST include:

    – your business name (or names if you are sharing a booth)

    – your name (and the names of anyone else at your booth)

    – a primary contact phone number – a primary contact email address

    – any links to your businesses web presence (website, etsy, etc…)

    – a brief written description

    – 3-5 images of what you will be selling/doing at your booth

    – answer to the question: why do you want to be a part of Grandma Party Bazaar? – any additional cool secrets you want to tell us

    That’s the main shebang. Stay tuned for more details and what-nots to come, but for now, go get started on your applications! Oh yeah, and like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!

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Art Opening for Rick Jones: Hot

On Saturday, 4 June, we will be having an art show opening for Rick Jones, a local Orlando artist and Stardust regular who has had work shown previously at the Dust. His latest show, Hot, will be his sixth art show with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing his work on display here.

The art opening for Hot will be on the 4th of June from 8 pm until 11 pm. In the meantime, if you would like to view previews of what will be shown or purchase an available limited-edition print, please visit Jones’ site, Rick Jones Projects.

If you’re interested in showing your art here at Stardust, please read this posting regarding how to do that and who to contact.

Helping Japan, One Piece at a Time: Benefit Art Auction at Stardust

Last Thursday, Gabby and Miriam hosted an amazing night filled with local art pieces, excellent drink specials and exciting raffle action to benefit the Red Cross and its efforts in the wake of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in northeastern Japan.

A number of paintings and photographs were brought in by many fantastic local artists for the auction, including Doug Woods, Jen Mak, Brice Stephens, Mikeybear, Jessica Earley, Brian Phillips, Patrick Reid, Courtney Matzke, Trevor Allen Garrett, Kim Vang, Doug Rhodehamel, Doreen Joy Barber and Dennis Hansbury. Pat Greene emceed the bidding and the lovely Anna Gemmati showcased the works in the auction room  for people to admire and bid on.

Anna and Rene were at the Stardust bar creating three special cocktail concoctions specifically for the event, with the proceeds from the donation jar going towards the Red Cross. The cocktail menu featured three classic libations: the Pisco Sour, the Aviation and Sharp Knife. Judging by the crowds witnessed from the raffle table, these drinks as well as others proved to be popular for the thirsty throng.

Rockin’ the raffle table, guarding the excellent prizes and helping people through the raffle-ticket process was Erica, Tim and Doreen. The raffle was called at the end of the night after the auction was over, and raffle winners won some pretty excellent prizes from some amazing local businesses and artisans, including shirts and prints from Danny Sheehan, a $50 gift certificate to Redlight Redlight, $25 gift certificates to Bikkuri Sushi, a $15 gift certificate to Park Ave CDs, a gift box from Big Wheel Provisions, a $25 gift certificate to Ace Metric, a bath kit from Simblissity, a $50 gift certificate to Sushi Lola’s, a lure and tackle set from Hall Em In, a $25 gift certificate to Mr. Sisters, a tea bowl from Nouveau Clay and a couple of $25 gift certificates to Stardust.

The raffle table was also the source for limited-edition t-shirts designed by Fat American for the Japan benefit auction. The money for the shirts also went to the Red Cross.

All in all, nearly $4500 was raised for the relief efforts in Japan! Congratulations and thank-yous go out to everyone who volunteered their time for the event, bid on items, ordered the benefit special cocktails, bought raffle tickets, donated art and raffle prizes, worked at Stardust, mixed up drinks and attended this wonderful event. A special thanks for David Hood for designing an excellent poster for the event, which was seen in our previous post. Everyone seemed to have a good time that night, and we’re glad to be part of such a generous community. Thank you, everyone!

If you’d like to see more photos of some of the artwork and raffle prizes, check out our Flickr group page for Stardust. If you have some photos from that night, please add them to the group! Feel free also to take pictures of the art you procured in its new home or your raffle prize.

Height w/Friends, SKIP the ARTIST and More Tuesday (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow night there will be a performance by hip-hop artist Height from Baltimore, along with an array of musical talents such as S.K.I.P. the Artist, Cathy and local Stardust regular D003Y D3C1MAL.

It’s an all-ages show with a $5 cover charge that’ll be your ticket to a plethora of talent. The show begins at 8 pm. Have a look at the Facebook event page for more details, to RSVP and to keep track of any last-minute changes that may occur.

If you’d like to check out the artists beforehand, have a look at these links for a preview of Tuesday evening: