Stardust doesn’t only just serve up coffee and tea. We’ve got a great selection of craft beer in bottles and on tap, an ensemble of wines and an array of liquor to mix up in a drink for you as well as a new Scotch Bar. We have a few varieties of scotch and bourbon to whet your whistle, along with vodka, gin and tequila. There are some bottles distilled right here in the state of Florida, so be sure to try them if you’re in the mood for something local.

Some nights feature special cocktails by our bartenders that have quite a following. If you’d like to see a sample of different cocktails we’ve served up at our bar, have a look at our growing posts of specialty¬†cocktail profiles. If beer is more of your choice of beverage, have a look at our staff’s recommendations via our beer profiles.

Our bar is open in the evenings until midnight, or until 2 am on special event nights. However, if you’re looking for a post-meeting tipple at 10 am on a Wednesday or a post-hangover hair-of-the-dog on Sunday afternoon, stop by and we’ll fix ya up with a white russian, screwdriver, bloody mary or whatever you fancy.

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